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2006 and Web Atlas

The origin of Gephi lays in Web Atlas, a project started in 2006 involving Mathieu Jacomy, who was interested in the exploration of web-based graphs. This was about the same time Eytan Adar was developing his GUESS software

matthieu jacomy
Figure 1. Mathieu Jacomy


In 2007/2008, this project morphed into Gephi, developed by a team of students at Université Technologique de Compiègne (UTC).

initial team
Figure 2. The initial Gephi team


A series of metrics on Gephi’s popularity over time

Gephi has evolved in several major milestones:

  • version 0.6 (2009): the initial public release. Contains already the filter system.

  • version 0.7 (2010): Major overhaul of the graphics interface. Started using OpenGL framework for graphics acceleration. A system of plugin is created.

  • version 0.8 (2011): Introduced dynamic graphs.

2011 to 2016: Many plugins were created for Gephi, and the software sarted becoming much popular.

Mac computer users had issues installing Gephi on their computers because of a Java compatibility issue.

version 0.9 (December 2015):

  • A graph engine optimized for memory is introduced: Gephi can handle much larger graphs.

  • The codebase for the project is "mavenized", making the code more modular and easier to maintain.

  • Compatibility issues with Mac OS are solved.

In 2016, Gephi is translated in French, Spanish, Japanese,  Russian, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese, Czech and German.

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