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Gephi workshops

I organize online workshops and personalized trainings for Gephi, for beginners and experts. To schedule one or to get more information:

You can also book Gephi trainings from:

  • Nethabitus, a consultancy in computational anthropology which organizes trainings and workshops in Spanish.

Gephi tutorials

a. A series of tutorials for beginners and advanced users by Dr. Veronica Espinoza

Veronica Espinoza has a Phd in Sciences and humanities and an MSc in neurobiology. She is a staff member of the Social Media Research Foundation and an expert in tools for network and textual data exploration.

veronica poster gephi tutorials
Figure 1. Series of medium articles on Gephi


b. A widely viewed video tutorial by Martin Grandjean

Martin Grandjean is a professor in digital humanities and a Gephi expert. He produced videos and web tutorials on Gephi, his most viewed video is this one:

Video tutorial by Martin Grandjean


c. A very detailed tutorial on how to import Excel data to Gephi by Ifeanyi Idiaye

Ifeanyi Idiaye is a data scientist and a software developer. His tutorial "How to Use Gephi to Analyze Social Network Data for Beginners" is very detailed and clearly explained, with a practical example.

Figure 2. Series of medium articles on data science by Ifeanyi Idiaye



a. by Ken Cherven

Ken Cherven has two books (beginners and advanced level) on Gephi, check them out at this link.

kc 1
Figure 3. Mastering Gephi Network Visualization


kc 2
Figure 4. Network graph Analysis and Visualization with Gephi


to go further

Visit the Gephi group on Facebook to get help,

Give a try to, the web application I develop to create networks for Gephi. Click-and-point, free, no registration needed.