last modified: 2017-11-02

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the leading desktop software to visualize networks on Linux, Windows and Apple computers

  • more than 2 million downloads,

  • used by analysts, academics, journalists,

  • stable on Windows, Mac and Linux,

  • in continuous development

open source & free (including for commercial purposes)

Gephi adopts a licencing model which makes it free to use, sell, or include the source code of Gephi in larger applications.

Developers who modify the Gephi code base are required to make these changes public, to benefit the community.

"PhotoshopTM for graphs"

  • for networks of all types (social, semantic, biological, etc.)

  • attributes and properties of the network are made visible: not just the topology of the network.

  • Gephi provides functions to explore the network: pan, filter, zoom, colorize, label, etc.

  • measures and metrics can be computed, and then rendered visually.

committed to quality and performance

modular and extensible

  • Gephi is "cut" in a large number of modules, each providing a specific function. This makes it easier to maintain and evolve the software, by working on independent parts.

  • Since version 0.9 the "graph store" of Gephi has become a completely independent module: it can be reused by another software.

  • Anybody can create new modules for Gephi! They are called "plugins". They integrate with Gephi seamlessly.

created, maintained and documented by volunteers, for the community.

  • Gephi itself is open source and free

  • The Gephi Consortium was created to ensure Gephi will remain so

  • The original contributors and their followers are volunteers

  • The support to users through forums, discussion groups and documents is provided for free.