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A free nocode app for data exploration, by Clément Levallois

Nocodeapp: data exploration functions for analysts, students, researchers and journalists. No need to code. Free, no registration required.

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Use cases:

Each function asks you for a text file in input. It returns a file in output. Your input files can be small or very large - easily thousands of lines.

A note on Umigon: best of its class

A comparative study has found that out of 24 solutions, Umigon is the best performer 🏁 for sentiment analysis on social media text in English. See the table below and check the paper behind Umigon:

Umigon ranks first

Note: “3-Classes” at the top of the left column means that the 24 solutions are judged on their performance on analyzing sentiments in three categories: positive, neutral and negative. “2-Classes” means that the solutions are tested on texts which are only positive or negative in sentiment. Umigon was released in 2012 and has been continuously updated and improved since.

The interface of the 5 functions:

Gaze Umigon Topics Cowo Organic

Questions / suggestions

New features? Improvements? I’ll do my best to develop them. Get in touch at or on Twitter @seinecle.

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Installing on Windows

When installing the app on Windows, you will get a warning sign as Windows is really annoying with certificates. These are the screenshots you will encounter, and where you should click:

Warning 1 Warning 2


This app leverages these open source projects of the Java ecosystem: