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1. You need an extra library not mentioned on the video.

Install this extra library from the Arduino IDE:

Select in the menu Sketch → Include Library → Manage Libraries: type SSD1306 in the search bar and find it.

In the list of SSD1306 Libraries, make sure you install the one by Adafruit, not Acrobotic.

2. When installing the JSON library mentioned in the video, make sur to select version 5*.13.2*

The name of this library is "ArduinoJson". Find it from your Arduino IDE by selecting the menu: Sketch → Include Library → Manage Libraries: type ArduinoJson

Several libraries might appear, select the one by Benoît Blanchon. And clicking on the "Install" button, make sure you select version 5.13.2 in the dropdown menu. If you made a mistake and you installed another version (starting with 6…​), follow the steps here to fix the mistake.

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