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Buying components


last modified: 2018-09-19

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for emlyon students: components are already provided for this course. Do not buy anything.

1. Board and screen

2. Cable

You will need a USB to micro USB cable, like the ones used to charge Android phones.

3. A breadboard

A breadboard is just a piece of plastic with pin holes. Here it will be useful for the soldering stage.

A bread board costs typically less than 5 dollars:

4. Optional accessories

5. European resellers

Adafruit is the designer of the Huzzah Feather we use in this course (with stacking headers). At the time of writing, Adafruit is the only reseller of this precise model in US or Europe.

(Even though we don’t source our material from them, you should know about Sparkfun, the other major US designer and reseller of small parts for connected objects).

Here is a list of resellers which are cheaper options when you are based in Europe:

The end

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