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Security tutorials for Linux (Debian)

How to secure a Linux server, for beginners

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Tutorials to learn how to secure a Linux server (Debian), open and collaborative

These tutorials are created to help beginners setup and run their Linux servers in the most secure way. I am a beginner in Linux security, and I write these tutorials in order to teach myself the subject, and sollicitate all the help I can get to develop good practices. Seasoned Linux administrators and security experts surely have plenty to add to these tutorials. Don't hesitate, open an issue on Github here to add your tips!


These tutorials are open: they can be used to teach in class or in professional training sessions. You are welcome to contribute your knowledge: by using Github, we can all collaborate and edit these documents to improve on them. Don't know where to start? Authoring with Github is explained here.

Tutorials available in web pages, pdf, slides, and ebooks!

The tutorials are not written with MS Word or with PowerPoint. We choose instead asciidoc, a slightly technical way of writing, in plain text files (files ending with .txt). Why? Because then, it is easier to convert these tutorials in slides, web pages, ebooks, pdf and MS Word docx as well. Basically, sharing and collaborating online becomes easier, without being blocked by a proprietary file format.

Table of content

  • Server security
  • Glassfish + Nginx + SSL (with Let's Encrypt)